Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 6.16.32 PMBumpas are rituals vase with a spout used during Buddhist festivals. Bumpa represent the vessel or the expanse of the universe and embodies the visualized mandala of deities within its consecrated water.

There are two kinds of Bumpas: the Tso bum, or the main vase and Le bum or the activity vase.

The main Bumpas is usually placed on the alter while the activity vase is placed in front of the presiding Lam. The vases are filled with Tri Chhu or scented purified water.

The water is poured to sanctify the objects. While visiting temples, the caretaker would pour scented holy water onto the right palm of the faithful which they drink and apply over their heads to cleanse negative actions. They are made of bronze, brass, silver and copper inlaid with gold with intricate designs.