Chorten Kora, located in Trashiyangtse, Easter Bhutan was constructed in 1740 by Lama Nawang Loday to subdue local sprits. It is said that the lama went to Nepal himself and brought back a model of Bodhnath carved in a radish. He had it copied here so that people could visit this place instead of making the arduous trip to Nepal. The reason that Chorten Kora is not an exact copy of Bodhnath is because the radish shrank during the trip and distorted the carving. The chorten has two famous festival; Dakpa Kora and Drukpa Kora.

Dakpa Kora: It is believed that 16 years old girl, with quality of goddess from Arunachal Pradesh was enshrined inside the chorten as a relic. Therefore, the Dakpa community of Arunachal Pradesh make pilgrimage at Chorten Kora to celebrate the sacrifice of the girl.

Drukpa Kora: Its for Bhutanese, who come all over the eastern Bhutan to gain good karma and witness the unfurling of thongdrol.